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Lansell Homes Where you can move in with nothing to do


    Lansell Homes core business is  designing, developing and building out entire estates.  Maybe it is because all the homes are built by the same company... maybe it is because each estate appeals to a similar type of dempographic group... what we have found is that our Lansell Estates evolve into their own little community.

    Neighours become friends and a friendly community develops.

    Each home in the estate are designed to co-ordinate with neighbouring houses and they are all built out in a relatively short period of time.

    And very importantly, when we complete the last home in the estate and move on; all the homes have the front landscaping done and the entire estate looks complete, surely adding value to each and every home.





    We currently have 4 Estates to choose from

    Casuarina Gardens - Stage 1

    Kangaroo Flat                                                                   MAP

    How would you like to wake up to this view every morning?

    Well you can here at Carrington Gardens Estate.


    Carrington Gardens is located in White Hills a much sought after suburb of Bendigo.


    The local area offers a huge range of services and amenities as well as recreational activities all within easy reach.

    Sylvan Retreat is just 4km from the Bendigo CBD in the much sought after White Hills area.


    Sylvan Retreat provides you with a relaxing peaceful environment.

    Neighbours become friends in our estates so come and see what we have to offer.

    Casuarina Gardens Estate is situated close to all the amenities that Kangaroo Flat has to offer, including Lansell Square, Rocklea Homemaker Centre, Bunnings and lots lot more.

    If you have a lot of living to do and want to spend your time doing what you love then Kingston Mews may be for you.


    The allotments and homes have been designed with minimum maintenance in mind.

    Carrington Gardens

    White Hills                                                                          MAP

    Kingston Mews

    Kangaroo Flat                                                                         MAP

    Sylvan Retreat

    White Hills                                                                            MAP

    Secure Caravan Access Available 

    Secure Caravan Access Available 

    Secure Caravan Access Available 

    Secure Caravan Access Available 

    Secure Caravan Access Available