Lansell Homes, your Local Bendigo Builder

Graham and Carolyn Smith, and their family business, Lansell Homes, have been helping local Bendigo families achieve the Australian dream of home ownership since 1984.

With a focus on understanding what our clients want – we have developed a wealth of experience in new home design and construction.  Over our many years of building, Lansell Homes has earned the reputation as leaders in the local building industry, providing top quality Turn-Key homes to local people.

9 Reasons to build with us   Meet the Team

The Lansell Timeline



Graham & Carolyn start their first building business in Bendigo.

Jeff joins them in his first job.

1990 - LEADING

Graham & Carolyn have grown into Bendigo’s leading builder and are known for supporting community projects.


Graham & Carolyn retire from building to travel Australia. Jeff starts a new career.

2001 - RETURN

Graham & Carolyn start Lansell Homes to focus on quality infill developments.

Chris & Georgina join them soon thereafter.

2005 - GROWTH

Lansell Homes build their 100th medium density home, winning green design and quality awards.


Windsor Gardens sets a new benchmark for neighborhood character, value and complementary design.


Multiple infill developments in Kangaroo Flat provide over 80 premium quality homes.


The Sylvan and Carrington communities in White Hills showcase the best in environmental living.


Lansell’s largest project, the $23M Casuarina Gardens Estate in Kangaroo Flat, becomes an instant success. Jeff rejoins the family business.


Lansell Homes continues to develop innovative infill medium density communities that deliver social interaction and healthy living.

A Bendigo Family Company

The Lansell office and on-site teams are like an extended family. They take enormous pride in the quality of their workmanship, and this ensures that your home is finished to the highest standards.

We are a part of the Bendigo community. We live in Bendigo, we only build in the Bendigo area, we support the local Bendigo community and we are helping Bendigo to grow and continue being an even better place to live.

Industry Accredited


Graham, and son Chris, are both registered builders and members of the Housing Industry Association. Chris is the first accredited Master Green Living Builder in Bendigo. Jeff recently rejoined the family business and has 12 years in building and 20 years in business management.

This ‘Family Business’ way of thinking has been adopted by the entire Lansell team who are committed to providing an unparalleled level of friendly and helpful service to give you a stress free, and hassle free, building experience.


Donated to community groups


Local business Partnerships


SQ/M Recreational Space provided to the community


Successful Estates in Bendigo

The Lansell Homes Concept

Lansell Homes are developers and builders. We locate vacant residential land… and plan the development.

We design the roads, we design the lots and we design the houses to be built on those lots.

With our engineers, we undertake the subdivision development, and then, with our team of tradesmen and contractors, we build all the houses in the new estate… right through to the stage where our clients can move into their new home with nothing more to do.

Creating Communities

Lansell estates are designed for people who want a low maintenance home on a low maintenance allotment… they have a life and a lifestyle to enjoy.

Perhaps it is this similar motivation, perhaps it is their Lansell experience, we have found that neighbours become friends and a community spirit develops within our estates.

The Lansell Homes Process


Roads built for bendigo


Years of Building in Bendigo


Homes built in Bendigo


Invested back into Bendigo

9 Reasons You should speak with Lansell Homes…

before you commit to a new home

Graham and Chris Smith are both registered builders – and their wives, Carolyn and Georgina, are also partners in the business. (Graham has been building houses in Bendigo since 1982).

Jeff re-joined the family business in 2017. He has 12 years of building industry experience, and 20 years of business management.

We live in Bendigo, and actively support and participate in the local community.

If there is a hiccup during the construction process … you have a real person to contact – someone who will sort things out. You won’t have the frustration of dealing with some faceless person in some obscure ‘Head Office’ – who does not seem to either understand or care about your problems

“Quality” is something that everybody claims… so what makes Lansell Homes so different?

Quality work is done by people who care and take pride … and our people do.

Our carpenters and site guys are employees, and part of the “Lansell Team”, not sub-contractors who get the job because they came in with the lowest quote. They care about our company, and are proud of the quality of the work they do, and they want to see happy customers just as much as Graham and Chris and Jeff do.

Our sub-contractors have been with Lansell for years – and we keep getting them back because of the pride they take in their work. And they also see themselves as part of the “Lansell Team”.

Our construction supervisor – and dedicated office team – are the guys that coordinate the project and bring it all together.

When you meet them, you see the passion that they have for Lansell Homes and the industry they work in … you will understand why the Lansell “Quality Bar” is set so high

Standard building industry practice is to sell you on a ‘bare bones’ price and then up-sell you on a whole range of extras that are really necessities if you want to live comfortably in your new home. These ‘extras’ can range from floor coverings, to flyscreens, from driveways to clotheslines, from outdoor living areas to a TV antenna or a letterbox, the list is long and expensive.

At Lansell Homes, we include all these – plus window furnishings, light fittings, paths, fences, landscaping and a whole heap more.

If you need to borrow – this is all included in the loan.

Instead of having to pay for all these things out of your income (and it will take you years and years) you only have to commit for a few extra dollars per month in loan repayment.

As for Lifestyle, you get to enjoy a fully completed home from the day you move in. You do not have to go through the inconvenience of a half completed home for years on end.

When you buy a Lansell Home – the plans, the specification and the price are set at the outset and everything is included. The only way that the price will change is if you want to vary something. If we come across unforeseen issues during construction, we wear the cost – NOT YOU.

Maybe it is because all the homes are being built by the same company … maybe it is because each estate appeals to a similar type of demographic group … what we have found is that our Lansell Estates evolve into their own little community.

Neighbours become friends … and a friendly community spirit develops.

The homes in the estates are designed to co-ordinate with the neighbouring houses … and they are all built out in a relatively short period of time.

And very importantly, when we complete the last home in the estate … all the homes have the front landscaping done and all the estate looks complete … adding value to each and every home.

Located in selected areas around Bendigo – these packages offer you the same ‘Move in with Nothing to do’ level of completion that we offer with our estate packages. Or we can work with you to put together a package to suit your personal needs

We have selection 80 plans, from 3 bedroom to 5 bedroom, from 12 to over 25 squares – any of which can be modified to suit your personal requirements

Since 2007, Lansell Homes have won 14 awards … recognition from the building industry on the innovative design of our estates … and the quality of workmanship that goes into our construction

When you visit a Lansell Display Home or Open House – all the fixtures, fittings, etc, are part of our standard ‘Move in with Nothing to do’ package inclusions.

Unless you want the furniture … you won’t hear us saying ‘Oh, that’s not included’ or ‘Oh, that’s an extra’.

Mind you … if you want to change the fixtures or fittings … or get additional jobs done to suit your personal requirements … this can be arranged.

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