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Here are some reviews left by others…

I love everything about my new Lansell Home. I love the layout and how open it is and the surprising amount of storage. Having access to the house from the garage is great, it makes me feel so safe to just drive right in. Everyone was so lovely to deal with and really made building a new home easy. My advice to anyone thinking of building with Lansell Homes is GO FOR IT!
Carrington Gardens facade
May 2022
We really appreciated the smooth sales process. Despite being impacted by lockdowns, Joanne, the Sales Manager, stayed connected. She was so helpful in answering any questions we had. This was reassuring, especially as first home buyers. We valued her advice and are grateful for the Turnkey package that meant we did not experience any price hikes.
Front facade
Emily C
August 2021
We have now built two homes with Lansell Homes. After building with them the first time we did not hesitate to build with them again. We found the process had actually improved with the ability to have more selection options and flexibility in modifications. It is in a wonderful location, we feel very safe and have lovely neighbours and we just love our new Home.
Front yard Flower Bed
John & Anne C
May 2019