Progressive Payments Schedule & Building Process

Building Process

So what does your new home build process actually look like?

While no two home builds are the same, to ensure the quality of your home, the construction process for each Lansell home has the same workflow. These are the main steps involved in your new home build, from securing your chosen house and land package, right through to the day you get your keys.

Your brand new Lansell Home will progress through five build stages.

Base Stage

This stage is all about getting your land ready to build on. Preparations include leveling, excavating, and clearing (also known as the ‘site cut’). Underground connections get laid for plumbing, electrical, and stormwater systems. Our concrete crew constructs the ‘boxing’ for your slab – an outline of your floorplan that gets lined with black plastic. Waffle pods are put in and covered with a mesh of reinforcing bars before the concrete is poured and leveled. Once dried, your slab – and this stage – is complete, and building can begin.

Base Stage Progress Payment: 10% due at this time.

Frame Stage

We construct the skeleton of your home – the timber frame and roof trusses – so it really starts to take shape now! At this point, it’s critical to know about anything that affects the home’s structure, like if you want any noggins or niches, for example. Noggins are timber supports put into the frame to allow for the weight of wall-mounted appliances such as televisions or dryers. Niches, or nooks recessed into the wall, are a popular upgrade option – particularly convenient to have in the shower. When a qualified building surveyor approves the framework, this stage is complete.

Frame Stage Progress Payment: 15% due at this time.

Lockup Stage

At this stage, your home becomes secure as we complete the exterior. We arrange the installation of the external cladding, windows, temporary external doors, guttering, and roof sheets. Inside, the walls are still open and unplastered, making it the ideal time for the ‘rough-in’. This is where contractors fit electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, including your gas connection, as well as ducts for heating and cooling.

Lockup Stage Progress Payment: 35% due at this time.

Fixing Stage

Next, we move on to the internals. Cabinetry, insulation, doors, skirtings, architraves, and waterproofing for wet areas and tiling is completed, and the walls are plastered.

Fixing Stage Progress Payment: 25% due at this time.


The final stage of the build is completion, also known as ‘fit-off’. The walls are painted, carpets put in, and the final design features installed – shelving, tiling, cabinetry, cornices, benchtops, tapware, mirrors, shower screens, garage door, among others.
You’ll have the opportunity to complete your final inspection with the Site Manager. Once you’re happy, the final payment is settled and the occupancy permit is received, it’s then time for us to hand over the keys!

Completion Stage Progress Payment: final 10% due at this time.

Top Tip: Organise insurance before your handover meeting because all responsibility for the property sits with you once those keys are in your hands.

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