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What is a turn key house and land package?

The term “House and Land Package” and “Turn-Key” is one that we often hear builders using, and it’s taken for granted that we understand what it is, however it can mean different things to different builders. So what does it actually mean with Lansell Homes? In a nutshell, Lansell Homes is a land developer. We purchase land, subdivide the land and choose a house plan to fit perfectly on the block. We build the house with everything included from the letterbox to the clothesline and everything in between. You truly do move in with nothing to do, hence the term turnkey. Read More About Turnkey

How much is stamp duty on a house and land package?

Stamp duty is only paid on the value of the vacant land, and not on the value of the home to be built. First home buyers and pensioners who have not claimed their one-off stamp duty concession will usually pay zero fees.

Check the calculator at the State Revenue Office website

How are the contracts drawn up?

There are 2 contracts. The land contract and the building contract.

You purchase the land first via our conveyancer and yours. The building contract is signed directly with Lansell Homes.

Once the land is in your name, we can start the build process.

How are payment made for a house and land package?

You pay for the land upfront. The cost of the build is paid in staggered payments throughout the build process.

Building payment schedule can be found here

What is included in turn key house and land package?

Everything! From landscaping, cross overs and driveways to all fixtures and fittings.

See a full list of inclusions here

Do I get to choose the inclusions?

Yes! Lansell has a standard range of inclusions that you can upgrade as desired. Want black taps? A larger cooktop or to supply your own lights? You can.

You also have a colour consult with an interior designer to choose your colour scheme. This includes externals such as bricks, and roof colour to the front door and window trims.

You also choose your interior scheme from flooring and paint colours to laminex and blinds.

Our interior designer is there to help guide you through the process, and many clients say the appointment is the highlight of their building experience.

Read more about your colour consult here

What is the difference between a house and land package and a spec home?

There is no difference to the final home. Everything is included as per a house and land package however with a spec home, everything has already been chosen. The idea of a spec home is for Lansell Homes to build the home and then sell it completed, however, our homes usually get snapped up well before completion.

With a spec home, changes are not always possible as it depends on what stage the build is at and what supplies have already been ordered.

Payment-wise, it is completely different. There is only one contract between our solicitor and yours as you are purchasing a completed home. Much like when buying any existing home, you pay for it in full on settlement, including stamp duty on the entire amount.

Read More About Spec Homes

Is there really nothing more to pay?


The only time there will be additional costs is if YOU choose to upgrade. Be it extra concreting, stone benchtops or different taps.

All upgrades are given to you as a quote, and if you wish to go ahead, a variation to contract is drawn up for signing.

A credit is given for all replacement items. For example if you choose to upgrade to the black tapware package, the standard taps are credited against the cost.

How can we learn more?

Book an appointment with our sales team or call the office on (03) 5443 3223

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What is an easement?

An easement is a legal right to cross or otherwise use a portion of someone else’s property. 

A council will decide to allow others to cross or use your land if it serves the common good. For example, an easement could be necessary to give other properties access to vital services such as water, electricity, or sewerage. 

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