2020/2021 Top 8 upgrade choices revealed

While your new Lansell Home comes complete with inclusions, you have the flexibility to upgrade all sorts of features to truly personalise it. It’s best to think about what upgrade choices you would like before construction starts, as some things are difficult and much more expensive to add later in the process.

Here we count down the top 8 upgrades – as chosen by our clients – to bring style, comfort, and value to their homes.


#8 Black Taps

Black tapware is a trend we don't see going out of style anytime soon! Black taps make a huge statement and create an undoubtedly striking look. Consider matching black hardware and accessories to carry the theme right throughout your home! For example, pairing black fixtures with a black shower screen would give any bathroom instant wow-factor!

Top 8 Upgrades

#7 Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have many benefits, whether it's adding a splash of style or slashing your energy bill. They are an efficient way to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Some clients opt to have them throughout their home, in bedrooms and living spaces.

Top 8 Upgrades 2020/2021

#6 Square Basins

We showcased square basins in the ensuite and bathroom in our Balmoral Display Home, and clients fell in love with the clean lines and modern design.

Top 8 Upgrades 2020/2021

#5 Tiled Shower Bases

Whether it's for easy cleaning, style, or ease of access, a tiled shower base has proven to be a consistently popular upgrade choice.

Top 8 Upgrades 2020/2021

#4 Pot Drawers

Commonly referred to as the heart of the home, it makes perfect sense we'd see the kitchen features on our list of popular upgrades. One particular request we've had from lots of clients this past year is to add as many pot drawers as possible in place of standard cupboards. Drawers provide more storage than cupboards and make it easier to find and access items - no more crouching in the back of the cupboard to find that missing Tupperware lid!

Top 8 Upgrades

#3 Double Sensor Lights

While we provide outdoor lights in our standard inclusions, some clients opt to add a couple more to ensure complete coverage of the darker areas of their yards.

Top 8 Upgrades 2020/2021

#2 Shower Niches

No more shower caddy's for these upgraders. A shower niche is a tiled nook created in your shower wall to hold all of your shower essentials.

Top 8 Upgrades 2020/2021

#1 Power Outlets (GPO)

In today's technology-driven world, it should come as no surprise that our top upgrade request is for more powerpoints! When planning for electrical outlets, think about where you might place appliances and furniture and map out power needs accordingly. Consider investing in double powerpoints with USB ports in the key areas of your home. In this kitchen (pictured), the client added a double powerpoint to the end of their kitchen bench. Not only is this a handy location to plug in the mixer, but it also provides easy, central access to the open plan living space for vacuuming.


Don't forget to think about your external power needs! Whether for fairy lights or radio, an electric BBQ, the leaf blower, or bug zapper, outdoor waterproof power points will save you running leads from inside.

There really is no end to the upgrades you could make to bring your unique vision for your home to life! When weighing up options, remember to think about whether this upgrade is something that has true value, is practical and will bring enjoyment.

Do you have a question about upgrades? Or did you include an upgrade in a new home and have some advice to share? We’d love to hear from you.

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